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Why we are different

We are specialised in automotive video product shots filled with  inspiration, balance, impact. Exteriors, interiors and mechanical parts.


We deliver not just another commercial  but something that the audience will recognise as peculiar, truly creative, and, because of this, more engaging. 

We decided to make economically accessible the highest technology in Film-making  ( Robotic Motion Control ), normally very rare and very expensive, to deliver superior quality in product shots. 

We are based in Malaysia, an ideal country where to outsource video productions maintaining high standards at competitive fares.



McLaren 570s- A Midsummer Car's Dream

A Midsummer Car's Dream
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Volvo S60

Volvo S60
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Kawasaky ER

Kawasaki ER
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Backstage McLaren 570s

V.5 backstage
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Mv Agusta